About Pune Gift & Stationary Expo 2017

What we are offering

Witness the large varierty of brands displaying thousands of product

More than 20,000 attendees

A huge area of 4000 sq.mt Exhibition Hall

Professional management from best in the business

Great variety of major importers, wholesalers and mass-retailers


Mr. Sumeet Jain

It's a start to many beginnings about to come

We are pleased to welcome you all for the first time in the city of Pune to celebrate Gift and Stationary Expo. Professionally speaking I belong to Aviation industry. Being a commercial pilot I worked for Lion Air Indonesia for 3 years. Gifts are the means of appreciating for the things which cannot be said, and we strongly believe in it. After a lot of research and efforts we understood the potential our city has to host a Gifts expo. We expect lot of support from our Exhibitors and Visitors and wish in serving them more and better today and in future.